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ZeeVee HDbridge HDB2540 Video Encoder

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HDB2540 4CH HD 720

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The easiest way to distribute HD video up 720p resolution to an unlimited number of displays over almost any distance. The HDbridge HDb2540 converts component, composite, and VGA sources into a HD signal that is sent to your displays QAM digital tuner over a coax cable – just like a standard cable or satellite box. That means that you can send your content to an unlimited number of displays over nearly any distance – and change sources on any display simply by changing the channel. This solution is ideal for anyone looking for an easy and affordable way to support a large number of displays such as a sports bar, house of worship, or digital signage.Multiple HDbridge units can be combined to support over 100 channels on your video network and are used in some of the most famous ballparks, education institutions, dormitories, and sports bars as well as in countless broadcast control rooms. The HDbridge solution is an affordable and reliable solution for virtually any facility with a large number of displays. The HDb2540 supports EIA/CEA-608 closed captions via the composite video input, ideal for sports bars with multiple games, or assisted living centers.The ZeeVee HDbridge also includes a free additional customizable channel for your television. This is in addition to the channels /sources that are already included with the each model. ZvShow can convert a video file (MP4, WMV, MOV) into an MPEG2 file that will be stored in the onboard storage as a separate channel to enable you to play commercials, update menu specials, or use as digital signage on any display. The ZeeVee Emergency Alert System (EAS) can tie systems into compatible national or local alert systems. ZeeVee processes alerts sent with either EAS-NET or MPEG streaming. When an alert is active, all current audio and video will be interrupted and replaced with the alert.The ZeeVee Maestro software makes it simple to setup and manage your content and channels from anywhere on your network. Simply open your web browser and connect to the IP address on the ZvPro and you can assign channel numbers, label your custom channels, and troubleshoot problems right from your desk or anywhere you have network access. The unit also features an easy to read LCD color front panel that makes it easy to setup and monitor your channels, check firmware, and identify IP addresses without a computer. The panel will show green, yellow, or red color bars on each channel to show the status of video and audio content being shown, as well enable easy adjustment of RF power and audio delay to ensure a perfect picture and sound on every screen.


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