DJI Phantom 4 Advanced Quadcopter With 4K Camera, White, CP.PT.000689

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With a high-speed design and powerful camera, this drone provides you with a brand-new view of your neighborhood that even the birds will envy. The sturdy chassis is designed to withstand heavy use while remaining light and easy to carry. 4K camera has a 3-axis-stabilized gimbal that helps you get clear, steady shots while performing aerial acrobatics. 20.0-megapixel camera has a 1in CMOS sensor for 4K/60 fps video and photo bursts of up to 14 fps. 5 vision sensors offer accurate navigation, even when GPS is unavailable. 2 directions of obstacle detection help you avoid collisions and accidents. Lightweight frame is made of titanium and magnesium to allow speeds of up to 45 mph in Sport Mode. Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery provides up to 30 minutes of flight time. Battery life will vary depending on the product configuration, product model, applications loaded on the product, power management setting of the product, and the product features used by the customer. As with all batteries, the maximum capacity of this battery will decrease with time and usage. Downloadable app allows live streaming on your mobile device. Requires Android 4.4+ or iOS 9.0+ operating systems.


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