Capcom Resident Evil 4 HD

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The enduring masterpiece returns. Featuring a departure from the series iconic fixed camera gameplay for an over-the-shoulder third-person-shooter style, Resident Evil 4 introduces a new type of menace in the shape of mysterious villagers controlled by the Los Iluminados. This shift away from traditional zombie hordes makes for a fundamentally new Resident Evil experience. In the years since its original January 2005 release, Resident Evil 4 has become a timeless masterpiece of survival-horror action. In the aftermath of the Raccoon City Incident, the truth about the Umbrella Corporation has been brought to light, leading to the end of the pharmaceutical giant. One of the survivors, Leon S. Kennedy, now works for the president of the United States as a special security agent. Following eyewitness reports sighting the presidents kidnapped daughter in Europe, Leon heads to a small village where a new threat awaits.. The villagers in the Spanish countryside may look and sound like regular people, but their hostility towards outsiders is far from normal. Soon Leon finds himself hounded by the shadow of a brand-new biological weapon, far more terrifying than the T-Virus behind the original zombie outbreak.


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