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4XEM 10FT Mini HDMI To HDMI M/M Adapter Cable



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Connect your digital camcorder, camera or other devices featuring a Mini-HDMI output port (type C) to a TV or monitor with a standard HDMI input. 4XEMs 10 Foot Mini HDMI to HDMI High Speed Audio/Video cable (4XHDMIMINI10FT) complies with HDMI v1.4 specifications and is capable of transferring 1080p video, 3D video and digital audio with no loss of signal. Featuring a full 19-pin array like larger HDMI connectors, only in a miniaturized version, the Mini HDMI Connector saves space on portable devices while allowing the full capabilities of current HDMI v1.4 digital signaling.Problem it solves: Get the big screen experience! The ideal adapter cable for sharing your vacation pics or skateboard tricks on your HDMI-equipped TV, monitor or external projectors. 10 feet gives you lots of play! 4XEM gear is respected industry wide for its high performance, premium quality and durability. Enjoy the feast of movies with both video and sound device supported With HDMI, transfer high-quality pictures and 3D sound effects simultaneously at a high-speed


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